NorthPaws Veterinary Center COVID-19 Reopening Plan Phase 1


As the new guidelines for reopening Rhode Island are rolled out, we wanted to share that NorthPaws is just as excited as everyone else for things to return to normal. With that being said, we are going to do so cautiously and in a way that maintains the safest experience for our team and our clients, to ensure that we can keep doing what we do best - taking great care of your pets. 

We will continue to require mask wearing at all times here at NorthPaws until further notice.  The new guidelines set forth by the CDC do not change policies at Rhode Island hospitals, medical practices, and other healthcare facilities, where masks will continue to be required for staff and visitors. As a veterinary hospital, we are defined as a healthcare facility and therefore are classified in the same category as the hospitals and medical offices. As safety and well-being are our top priority, we are in complete support of the CDC's guidelines for continued mask wearing for all our employees and visitors in our healthcare facility.

We do realize that the continued mask wearing requirement may be an unfavorable policy for some, and as such we want to be able to offer alternative options to those individuals while still maintaining safety. For those who prefer not to wear a mask for the duration of their visit to NorthPaws - and therefore choose not to come inside our building - we are happy to share that we plan to continue to offer our curbside service.  We will still be able to provide excellent veterinary care for your pet, though the mask will only be required during times of direct car-side interaction with our team. 

If neither mask-wearing nor curbside service is the right fit for you, we are more than willing to assist you in transferring to a facility of your choice to ensure continued care and treatment for your pets.  Your health, safety and peace of mind are our top priorities as we continue to follow CDC guidelines for health care facilities that call for staff, clients, and visitors to continue wearing masks.

Lastly, while we will not be re-opening our doors just yet, we are working on plans to be able to welcome our clients back into the building in the very near future. We will be making an announcement in the next few weeks with our anticipated re-opening date, as well as any information on revised policies that will go along our reopening our doors. 

Thank you all for your support throughout the pandemic. We are happy we have been able to maintain a safe enviorment within our hospital so that we can continue to take care of your pets, and we look forward to your continued cooperation and understanding as we work to
re-open our doors.  

Thank you for your ongoing support,

Mark Paradise, VMD
Danielle Paradise, VMD