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Hospital & Payment Policies

Walk Ins

NorthPaws operates by appointment to allow ample time for all patients and scheduled procedures. We will make every attempt to see walk-ins as time allows, but non-critical unscheduled cases will wait to be seen until after regularly scheduled appointments.

Emergency cases shall always receive top priority, and, as a result, occasional appointment delay is inevitable. We appreciate your understanding in this matter and promise to make attempt to return to our schedule and see each patient in a timely manner.

Late Appointments

In an effort to minimize wait time and avoid inconveniencing staff and other clients, we reserve the right to reschedule any appointments arriving later than 10 minutes past their scheduled start time.

If you are running late, call us and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please be aware that under certain circumstances we may have to reschedule your appointment for another time.

Patient Requirements

Our facility is designed with your pet's comfort in mind. However, some patients become uneasy around strange people, new surroundings, and other pets. 

For your protection and that of others, we require all pets to be on a leash or in a carrier and properly controlled at all times. Please alert us if you know in advance that your pet may get nervous or aggressive, and we will attempt to get you into a room right away. 

Clients are not permitted to hold their pets for an exam or vaccines. For the safety of both you and your pet, it is important that you instead allow one of our trained technicians to restrain your pet.

First Appointment

Please plan to arrive 5-10 minutes in advance in order to fill out any necessary paperwork. This will also allow the doctor some time to review yor pet's records. Don't forget to bring along any previous history or veterinary reports, or arrange to have them sent to us prior to your appointment!

To aid in the check in process, you can fill out a Welcome Sheet prior to your appointment and either email it back or turn it in to the receptionist when you arrive. Upon your arrival, one of our receptionists will check you in, weigh your pet, and take a photograph for your pet's account.

Hospitalized Pet and Vaccination

We require that core vaccinations (Rabies and Distemper) be up to date for all hospitalized pets to ensure the safety of your pet as well as others in our care.

Missed Appointments

We require notification at least 24-hours in advance if you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment. 
We reserve the right to charge a $40 missed appointment fee for any appointments that fail to show or are not appropriately cancelled.

Hospital & Payment Policies

Payment Policy

Payment is expected in full at the time that services are rendered. For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Debit Cards, cash and personal checks as well as Care Credit. 

If extensive diagnostics or procedures are recommended, your doctor will prepare an estimate and work with you to determine an appropriate plan that fits your budget. You may request an estimate at any time prior to receiving services.

Care Credit

This veterinary line of credit offers special financing and low monthly payments with no interest charges for the first 6 months  on any payment of $200 or more. There is no cost to enroll, and you can use the card for any type of veterinary transaction. Purchases under $200 must be paid off monthly. 

For more information or to fill out an application, click here. You can also submit an application in our office for instant approval.

Other financial assistance options may include:

Hands that Heal

This non-profit organization provides financial assistance for veterinary care and pet food to low-income families, senior citizens and homeless pet owners. Visit for more information (application must be completed prior to your visit).

Red Rover

Limited financial assistance may be available through Red Rover for life-threatening emergency situations where there is a good prognosis and demonstrated financial need. To qualify, your pet must be neutered and you must submit a diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment plan from your veterinarian prior to the start of treatment. Red Rover will not cover diagnostics/testing, ongoing care (i.e. diabetes) or routine care. 

Please visit for more information.

Assistance from these organizations must be sought individually by you, the client, and is not a guarantee of approval. NorthPaws is in no way affiliated with any of these companies, nor do we deal with any of them directly.


NorthPaws will always accept returns of non-expired and properly sealed, unopened (blister sealed) medications. We will also accept food returns in cases of adverse reaction or inappetance. For the safety of your pet and others, we cannot accept returns on any opened medications or medications that were prepared and dispensed by our pharmacy specifically for your pet.

Online Pharmacy Policy

Discount pharmacies like 1-800-Pet-Meds or PetCareRx often purchase their products from a "middle man," not directly from the manufacturer, which negates all manufacturer guarantees. In addition, there are often no regulations on how these products are stored, sold and transported. That means there is no guarantee that the product you are purchasing is as effective as the "same" product you would get from a veterinarian. Many times these products are outdated, mislabeled, or stored in areas that were too hot, cold, or humid, thereby effecting their ability to adequately treat your pet. 

NorthPaws, along with the rest of AAHA's accredited hospitals, therefore advises our clients to steer clear of online or discount pharmacies, and we will not approve any requests, faxed or otherwise, from them. If you desire to purchase from them anyway, we will prepare a script that you can mail in to complete your order. However, please plan ahead as this takes additional processing time and may delay the delivery of your order.

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