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Saying goodbye to the pets we love is one of the hardest things we have to do as pet owners. Our knowledgeable and compassionate doctors are here to help evaluate your pet's quality of life and work with you to determine end-of-life options and next steps.

​What to Expect

​When you come in for your appointment we will have a private room ready, complete with a separate exit, with couches for you and your family and a soft blanket for your pet. A technician will explain the procedure and help you decide which aftercare options best suit your needs. We will take care of any payments and arrangements for cremation or burial prior to starting.

The Process

At NorthPaws we use two separate injectable medications during euthanasia procedures. In order to safely and painlessly administer these medications without the use of multiple injections, we will place an IV catheter in your pet's leg upon arrival.

The first injection is a sedative, which has a calming effect to help your pet relax and feel at ease. It will also allow you to have some final peaceful moments to say goodbye. As the sedative takes effect, most pets become very sleepy and often slip into unconsciousness. At this point they are unaware of what is going on and will feel no pain.

When you are ready, your veterinarian will administer the second injection. His heart and lungs will stop and he will slip away within seconds. The doctor will confirm his passing by listening for the absence of a heartbeat.

In most cases, your pet's eyes will remain open after he passes. You may also notice some involuntary muscle twitches. These are the result of various chemicals interacting with the neurons in your pet's muscles after death. In addition, since all of the body's muscles are relaxed, urination and defecation may occur. This is normal and is something you should be prepared for.a

We understand everyone's needs are different, so at this time you are free to spend as long as you need with your pet to say goodbye. When you are ready, a separate door will allow you to exit the room without walking through the waiting areas. As a lasting memorium, your technician will prepare a pawprint for you of your cherished family member.

As difficult as it is to bear, humane euthanasia is the least selfish and most kind final gift you can offer your pet. If you do not wish to be present for the euthanasia, one of our caring staff members will promise to be with your pet instead, offering a loving pat and friendly voice.

Aftercare Options

We work closely with Final Gift Pet Cremation Services and will coordinate a cremation of your choosing prior to your pet's euthanasia. Of course, you can always take your pet home to bury if you chose. In that case, we will provide you with a sturdy cardboard casket. There are also several pet cemeteries in the area. Please call us at 401-949-5030 to discuss all of our available options.

Pet Loss and Bereavement Services

For bereavement and pet loss support, please visit our Pet Loss Support page.

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