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Preventative Care and Wellness

At NorthPaws we place a good deal of emphasis on preventive care including routine vaccination, proper nutrition, dental care and heartworm and parasite prevention. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Each comprehensive exam includes:

  • weight check

  • recommendations on annual heartworm and fecal testing

  • eye, ear, nose, and throat examination 

  • oral examination for dental disease

  • evaluation of gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular systems 

  • check of coat/hair quality

  • tailored recommendations in terms of nutrition, vaccinations, and parasite prevention 

  • complimentary nail trim if requested

Why is preventive care important?

Even strictly indoor and "healthy" pets should receive annual or bi-annual preventive care exams, including regular parasite screenings, to check for any minute changes that may indicate the start of something more serious. Our pets age five to seven times faster than we do and they are notoriously good at hiding it when they aren't feeling "up to par." Annual preventive care exams allow our experienced veterinary team to quickly identify any potential disease markers and before they become a major problem, saving you money and ensuring your pet lives a longer and happier life.

Health Certification

Our doctors are also licensed to provide health certificates for either sale or travel. Please call ahead to schedule these appointments and, if traveling by air, be sure to check with your airline first regarding specific examination requirements.

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