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Surgical Services

At NorthPaws Veterinary Center our state-of-the art surgery suite enables us to perform most any surgery your pet may require, and trained technicians provide continuous care to those in recovery. In addition, we work closely with Dr. David Clark, a local board certified surgical specialist, who routinely travels to our practice for in-house consults and orthopedic procedures.

Every surgery includes:

  • a full pre-surgical physical exam before every surgery

  • recommendations for pre-anesthetic monitoring bloodwork

  • individually tailored anesthetics

  • continuous blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration monitoring

  • post-surgical monitoring and care

  • modern pain management techniques, utilizing both pre- and post-operative pain medications


A Typical Day of Surgery

All patients are admitted first thing in the morning. This way we can appropriately monitor them, perform any necessary pre-surgical bloodwork, and administer pre-anesthetic medications within an appropriate timeframe prior to their procedure. When your pet is admitted to the hospital, your surgical technician will go over the procedures and estimate and answer any additional questions you may have. 

Each pet awaiting their turn relaxes on soft blankets in one of our comfortable individual enclosures under the watchful eye of our treatment technician. Immediately prior to surgery, the doctor performs a full physical exam and the surgical team then administers pre-surgical pain medications and specially tailored anesthetics.


As soon as your pet is in recovery, the doctor will call you with a full update and will schedule a discharge time. Since each pet's surgery and recovery time is unique, we often can't provide an exact time when your pet will be ready to go home until after the surgery is completed.

When you pick up your pet, a member of our surgical team will go over any post-operative care, including any medications. Most common surgeries like spays and neuters do not require a followup exam, as any sutures will dissolve on their own. For more complex procedures, the doctor will often request your return for a complimentary suture removal and check up to make sure everything is healing as expected.

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